view of attabad lake and snow capped mountains from gojal hunza travel to pakistan


These legends arelegends that keep our site…LEGENDARY

The whole damn Broke Backpacker tribe!What started out as a one-man travel blog has grown into an epic adventure family!

Some of these peeps Will met on the road. Others share Bali as a home base. A few, well, we’re not even sure where they came from… But they’re here now, and they’re here to stay!

We’re a diverse bunch –premium adventurers, veteran vagrants, hippies, musicians, nerds, gym junkies, psy-explorers, linguists, alumni, high school dropouts, sea-farers, mountainfolk, and everything in between- 全部从全球各个角落收集。But what we do share is a passion for travel.


Our team strives endlessly to bring you the BEST backpacking content on the web. They work on and off assignment, exploring the globe, updating our destination guides, reviewing the top adventure gear, and keeping our content toasty-tight.


The OG Broke Backpacker



Founder & Chief Adventurer

The first-generation Broke Backpacker, the head honcho, the legend himself:威尔·哈顿。

威尔(Will)在十多年前开始旅行,当时是一个顽强的年轻人,但他在旅途中的岁月很快将他变成了预算背包贸易的专家。他成长了,他学会了。他爱,他迷路了。他旅行,犯了错误,通过这一切,他找到了自己在世界上的应有位置 - 作为智慧和灵感的字体和其他破产背包客的灵感,以在道路上寻找自己。

Both cursed and blessed with a pathological inability to sit still, you can usually find Will either high up on a mountain or deep down in a new project. A natural ideas man, natural leader, and a system building guru, Will has exceeded his original scope as a decorated adventurer and now finds himself on the在线创业的旅程

Will is currently based in Bali with Chimmigi, Kiki and Lulo, his beloved doggos. In 2022, Will’s first hostel –Tribal Hostel(一家数字游牧联盟旅馆) - 在巴厘岛开业。快来参观说ahoy-他总是参加游泳池或国际象棋比赛!

The man of many projects; see what’s happening in the Wild World of Will Hatton!
  • 万博最新官网手机app下载|Right Here, Ya Dill!
  • Ditch Your Desk|Will’s Online Entrepreneurship and Personal Blog
  • Tribal Hostel|巴厘岛最好的同事旅馆
  • Necopact|威尔的高级可持续回收背包项目(即将推出)

The Broke Backpacker Tribe


艾登·弗里本(Aiden Freeborn)

Gear Manager & Senior Editor

一个iden joined The Broke Backpacker in 2016 after meeting Will in a truly shitty Colombian hostel. Since then, they have shared escapades around Venezuela, India, Pakistan… and Crawley.

When not DJing Psytrance, Aiden is an explorer of uncharted countries, under-rated museums, and unsanitary dive bars in need of a good deep clean. If he’s not doing that, you’ll likely find him attending to his hair maintenance routine – he never hits the road without a hairdryer.

一个s well as managing The Broke Backpacker’s library of epic gear content, Aiden heads the development of new series and and is always keen for a think tank sesh. Aiden also moonlights as a guest writer for theHuffington PostandMatador。He successfully helped Will push-start their truly fucked tuk tuk on a very precarious slope amidst the Himalayan foothills – which he maintains is perhaps his greatest accomplishment to date!

一个rt Patterson


This guy, we found wandering and confused in the hill country of South America. Now, Art is an SEO and content scaling guru and Will’s right hand man. We’re almost certain his power is derived from his hair – doknow anyone who has locks like those?

The admiral of admin at The Broke Backpacker, Arts slogs endlessly away in the back AND foreground networking, trawling the data for intriguing ops, and ensuring everything stays in its right place. But as an experienced TEFL-certified English teacher, qualified yoga instructor, and the proud holder of a Bachelor in Spanish Linguistics, he is certainly the man for the job.

一个rt can be found in Bali for the near future. You’ll likely see him in a cafe, ordering round after round of V60 pour-overs. We let him, though, because that intoxicating caffeine high is lovingly channelled into The Broke Backpacker. In 2021 and 2022, Art will be spearheading the growth of several exciting new ventures… Stay tuned!

Clair Cathryn

Superstar PA



克莱尔(Clair)在东南亚周围有一些叛逆者和长期旅行的众所周知的大师许多homes. Currently marooned in her hometown in Australia, Clair is fortunate enough to be locked down in a place of family, friends, and magnaminous beauty. Unfortunately, lockdown doesn’t look too good on her; she hopes to be losing her purse, drinking wine, and seeking out her favorite street food vendors in a land far away, soon, once more.

Tomas Monteiro


Part mindless, part mindful, and all goofball, Tomas believes he has mastered the Art of Chilling. You’ll likely find him in a sunny park, guitar in hand, and boiling hot tea by his side.

Tomas Works 万博最新官网手机app下载Breake Backacker品牌:他经营营销和社交渠道,将性感图形拍打在一起,涵盖了许多基础。Tomas的忍者是一个忍者,他知道自己的驾驶室,并且总是想出新的新想法……

Tomás is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, his big beautiful birthplace. You can find him there, or wandering around the globe looking for trouble. The good kind, that is!

Rhenzy Caguioa

Empress of the Virtual Assistants

When she’s not tirelessly poring over The Broke Backpacker’s content with her all-seeing critical eye, you might see Rhenz at one of her favourite cafes plotting just how she’d make this cheesecake该死十次

Living in ever-bustling Manila, Rhenz is tempted out of the house for quieter activities such as concerts, cinema, and downtown people-watching. Renz plans world domination through a chain of stores showcasing her boutique baked cheesecakes and other goodies. Her love for Korean TV dramas (andNaruto –heaps yeah!) cannot be understated.

明星脉管Rhenz领导我们的团队;永远force behind the scenes that keeps The Broke Backpacker RUNNING. It’s safe to say that without Rhenzy and her team of vibrant VAs, there’d be no Broke Backpacker.

Laura Brown

Editor & Wildly Unfiltered Academic

劳拉(Laura)是一位前英语老师,曾旅行过25个以上的国家,居住在其中的9个国家,并在其中5个教授。童年时代对冒险的热情刺激了小王子, she (temporarily) abandoned her studies in early adulthood to instead fly to South America and teach English. In her rather lengthy years on the road, she’s taught both a prince of Qatar and a Colombian soap opera-star and even met a very young incarnation of Will along the way somewhere in Costa Rica (we think).

一个slow traveller at heart, Laura prefers to take her time soaking in destinations through long-stay bouts of working and living. Now, she puts her studious mind to work on our backpacker content, updating older destination guides, and bolstering our archives with more additions on the working traveller lifestyle.

一个Jack(queline) of all trades, Laura now holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy,制作出售的杯子因为对神不敬的底部刻成,once held the title of running a 10K faster than any other female in the county of Buckinghamshire. She also thinks the best combination in the world is coffee, mountains, and an epic sunrise (preferably accompanied by epic humans).

Elina Mattila


Translator, writer, digital nomad, nerd, and the most extroverted Finnish person you’ll ever meet. Elina loves hiking solo (mostly because she’s really bad at it), petting cute animals, and travelling to weird places. As well as her personal blog, she’spublished on Indie Traveller甚至有英语硕士学位(她如此彻底地提醒Ziggy的人都非常喜欢它)。

一个while back, this hardened vagabond committed the cardinal sin of backpacking – she fell in love. Not with a beautiful boy but with life in Bali, her friends there, and a grumpy black cat called Gizmo that she accidentally adopted. So for the foreseeable future, she can be found based in Bali which she – begrudgingly – must admit she likes quite a bit.

Elina为Broke Backpacker写了内万博最新官网手机app下载容,她damn擅长。另外的目的地,数字游牧和女性旅行体验都落在了她的驾驶室中。好吧,那和她辛辣的舌头。

Samantha Shea


一个travel blogger and writer-for-hire, Samantha has been on the road in one way or another since 2017. Hailing from the USA, you’ll most likely find her gobbling up the delights of Asia, particularly South Asia, and PARTICULARLY Pakistan (coincidentally, where she Will met). Her巴基斯坦的专业知识ranks second only to Will.

Samantha is a fan of slow travel, overland travel, and adventure travel: the three travels of The Broke Backpackers’s golden ratio. As such, we’ve put her to good work expanding our ever-growing library of illustrious adventure locales. She also plays a hand in optimising our existing content and, particularly, tightening the screws of our Pakistan content-ourwheelhouse.

一个n ice-cream addict and documentary lover, her infatuation for hippopotamuses cannot be understated. When she’s not travelling or writing about travelling, you can usually find Samantha enjoying a tropical ocean or getting lost in the mountains. Or eating… Street eats are her other homeboy.

Lu Frey

Editor Extraordinaire

一个s another (former) Bali inhabitant, Lu’s been expatting on the Island of Gods for the last four years. If she’s not training at the gym, you can catch her working alongside Art in the famous (but totally overrated) cafes of Canggu.

Lu自2020年初以来一直与团队合作,由Breake Backpacker创始人Will找到并采用,编辑,优化和保持我们的内容美味。她的专业包括突出该网站上的小效率(她的内部德国人24/7),并作为艺术的外部驱动器运行。基本上,她存储他忘记的一切,并保持瑞士奶酪的大脑完好无损。

Once the world has gone back to normal, she’ll be bouncing around the globe with her laptop in hand, but for now, she’s exploring the streets (and dark corners) of Berlin while balancing work, training and University at the same time.

Rose Wilson

Editor & Demolisher of Carbs

一个born and raised Bristolian, Rose’s love for travel started from childhood with her family trips around the world. Her parents celebrated imparting rich cultural experiences on their children and such a blessed upbring led to Rose’s adoration with travel. Yearly visits to Bali to meet family-friends led to an early onset dream of one day living on the Island of the Gods – flash forward 20 years, and here she is.

一个nother member of our vibrant editing team, Rose specialises in content planning and the development of new articles. She’s got a keen eye for detail which she uses to scour spreadsheets, devour stats, and scout exciting new series opportunities. Her incredible knowledge of the globe helps too!

狗的爱好者,意大利面,重复重新观看相同的电视节目,而浓缩咖啡马提尼人现在大多在她身后,对她在巴厘岛的生活很满足于她的丈夫和弗巴比家族。她只离开房子at least其中之一包括在郊游中。或……有一个僻静的热带海滩的承诺。


Laura Hall


We’ve got another Laura on the team! But this time she’s blonde.

Laura Hall, aka Laurita if you want to add some Spanish spice to it, has been a part of the Broke Backpacker team for quite a while now. Spotted by Ziggy in a Nepali home, she didn’t shy away from the opportunity to join TBB, even after having to endure his 6am Ukulele Solo Sessions at maximum volume. Fast forward, Laura has become one of the very important travel editors and writers.

When asked what’s so special about backpacking the world – mostly by herself by the way, give her some props – she says:‘You’ll go to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond and you’ll realise you’re stronger than you ever thought. You’ll meet fucking amazing, life-changing people and see things you would never have even realised existed.’

Laura’s love for winning at chess can only be topped by the love for every single dog that crosses her path
Tourists taking selfies give her the ick
她喜欢好音乐,讨厌狗屎音乐 - du…




Ceramics novice Louisa has been travelling the world on the cheap for years, and recently joined the team. Known as “Miss Louisa” among her students, she wow’d Will with her knowledge of rapido pool, landing the job without even mentioning her skills –don’t worry, she’s got plenty of them。Having travelled to over 50 countries, she’s a real, badass, broke backpacker, with countless epic memories. Things like summiting Mount Kinabalu, surviving a road trip from Siam Reap to Phnom Phen with a nasty case of food poisoning and a shitty encounter(字面上地),体验当地人的“真实”文化和传统只是列表中的一些。

When she’s not buying and flipping NFTs or jamming to rock music (interesting combination by the way), she’s working as a talented content editor on The Broke Backpacker. In fact, thanks to her travel experience, she’s been chipping out content updates by adding her insider backpacking knowledge.

目前,路易莎可以冒险功能直接找到-beaten path with her partner, Sean. Between working and exploring, she’s on the hunt for the best ice cream sandwich in the world. One in Albania currently holds top spot, but she’s ready to find better! It’s all about that texture-price-quantity ratio…


Nic Hilditch-Short

Editor & Real Adventurer

Nic has probably been to more countries than any of the other team members, even more than the OG backpacker Will himself! Her and her partner – also known as the Roaming Renegades – have been to over 60 countries so far, and the list is still growing.

With so much travel experience, the one place that really stood out to Nic was South East Asia. And where else could you just casually buy a manual bike (with no riding experience) and then just head off for a 5000km trip around remote villages, off-the-beathen path tracks and some epic places than in South East Asia?

一个lthough she’s one of the newer members of the Broke Backpacker team, she’s heavily involved in editing, improving content and sharing her travel experience so other backpackers can follow her footsteps. Her expertise is anything related to South East Asia, casually picking up manual motorbike riding skills like it’s nothing and road tripping through the Aussie outback and South Island New Zealand.


Broke Backpacker Hall of Fame


Ziggy Samuels

Professional Dirtbag

Zig, Zigz, Zigglez, Zigzag, Zigalig, and even just plain old boring Sam, Ziggy is a man of many names. And many lives. Once, he even milked a goat!

一个发表专家on all things budget backpacking, Ziggy started as our connoisseur of the art of dirtbaggery: busking, dumpster diving, hitchhiking, vanlife, illicit substances, sleeping in cemeteries (don’t ask), etcetera.

本机臭名昭著的拜伦湾夏尔,也许Zigz was always destined for vagrancy. Although it’s been a long time since he held a fixed address, Ziggy still always finds himself begrudgingly dragging his ass back to his found-family in Australia for a boogie and keenly-rolled doobie. Despite a strained relationship with home, he does so love Oz (though he adamantly affirms New Zealand is better).

Indigo Atkinson

Travel Writer & Swashbuckler Extraordinaire

Indigo left home to join a sailboat and gallivant about the ocean, and she hasn’t really stopped since. Her time is divided between the shore, the sea, and the shoestring adventures of rum and Sunday siestas. As always, there are plenty of frivolities, rum, and near-death experiences to keep her humble!

一个rising star since birth, Indigo won theTim Winton Award for Young Writers in 2016并持有ADAS第3部分潜水证书,这意味着她可以,引用,“在水下使用酷狗。”她将付钱在她的独立,独立之前体验世界上最好的炸玉米饼indi-gone…

Sophie Steinebach

Editor & Accommodation Aficionado

Soph’s passion for doing anything but her uni assignments led to her joining The Broke Backpacker tribe as an editor in 2020. Happiest when she’s living out of her backpack, she’s currently based in Brighton but calls Germany home. When she’s not working, you’ll likely find her reading on the beach, bartending, or planning her next trip abroad.

Since her recruitment, Sophie has become one of our most dependable editors-she just always seems to be there! As such, she’s taken on the role of maintaining the pristine condition of our accommodation content.

With an avid love of flying, Sophie’s Patronus is a bird; that may also stem from her natural tendency to justwing it.Her love for travel compliments her fascination with culture and languages – she’s currently brushing up on her Japanese and hopes to move out there one day.Ganbatte, kudasai!

Ralph Cope

Ralph is a former manager in the hospitality industry turned wild child. With a desire to experience all things unconventional, he gravitates to the lesser-known landscapes of the world, landing him in some pretty strange and sensational places. Between his adventures trekking around Africa, travelling the Middle East, and traversing the steppes of Eurasia, he’ll generally do as much as he possibly can to maximise his time in the wilderness and avoid anywhere the crowds go.

The Master of the Negroni, Ralph bases himself in Italy these days from where he ducks out for quick jaunts across the globe and leading adventure tours in Kyrgyzstan. You can follow his adventures atRoaming Ralph


一个self-admitted travel-yoga-junkie, Mathilde Aude Magnier is French-born but raised in Brussel. A natural-born butterfly, She’s spent most of her adult life hovering between Australia’s obscenely high minimum wage and putting that EU-proof passport to good use travelling Western Europe.



一个California native, Ana Pereira is a writer by trade and inspired by earthly exploration and introspection. Her travels took her many places: the Latin Americas, the Middle East, the islands of the South Pacific, and across Europe. Eventually, all vagabonds must seek further for that dreaded stability.

These days, Ana can be found spending most of her “down-time” out in the wilderness, climbing, hiking, camping and beyond. She’s still seeking that stability.